Monday, February 18, 2008

PUNK WIG! by LORI REIS Illustrated by ERIN EITTER KONO...available now!

by LORI REIS Illustrated by ERIN EITTER KONO from Boyds Mills Press is in Bookstores NOW!

ISBN: 1-59078-486-3 ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-486-0

From The Book Cover:"Mom is on her way to the hospital to get "alien blobs" zapped with medicine. The alien blobs are cancer. The treatment helps, but it also makes Mom lose her hair.One day she says, "Today is wig day," and she and her son head down to Harriett's Hair, where they find wigs of all styles and sizes: big hair short hair, spiky hair, and curly hair. Finally, Mom finds the wig she been looking for-and it looks perfect with her jeans and leather jacket.Lori Ries's loving story of a mother whose son gives her constant support during chemotherapy is illustrated with warmth and humor by Erin Eitter Kono."

Praise for Punk Wig!

"Kono's watercolor illustrations convey a blithe touch and reflect the warm relationship between mom and son. This positive and upbeat approach to coping with cancer will be a welcome addition—younger than, but complimentary to Patricia Polacco's The Lemonade Club (2007). "
-PUNK WIG - Kirkus Reviews - 12/15/07
"In this tender tale of love and healing, the difficult subject of cancer is dealt with in an honest and straight-forward manner... This lovely story of love through hardship will lift you up."
-Strand Bookstore, NY
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