Monday, March 30, 2009

Young Writers' Conference -Alta Vista

I enjoyed a wonderful school visit this past Friday at Alta Vista Elementary School with the Young Writers' conference. The conference (they do many throughout the year at southland schools) is exceptional because it is run in the same format as an adult writer’s conference. The kids pick break out sessions with professional writers who specialize in everything from screenplays, novels, blogging, technical, music, children’s and more. I did presentations to third graders, talking about imagery, symbolism, and the creative process. I than gave them an illustration to inspire their writing. Their work was amazing! Some wrote in poetic, brief, almost haiku form, others wrote two pages with complex plots, (Obviously the novelists in the group) others were very serious critiques of the image. What I found most fascinating is how willing all of the kids were to stand up in front of the group and share their work. They were all so proud. It was a such pleasure!

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