Wednesday, May 12, 2010


GRANDMOTHER HAVE THE ANGELS COME? has won in its catagory at the Colorado Author's League (CAL) Awards.  The judge's comments:  "The topic of aging can be difficult to explain to a young child but is discussed here with sensitivity and great tenderness. The illustrations create a visual experience with the use of bold vibrant colors swirling across the pages. The love felt between the grandmother and her
granddaughter are well expressed not only in the text but visually through the illustrations. The text is rich in descriptive phrases that enhance the imagination and call up memories of a loved one: "...see your beauty reflected in the dewdrop on a flower", "savor flavors long on my tongue ", "stroke your cheeks in the light and in the darkness". This is a joyful book that reaffirms the beauty in living a long life and the love between generations."  Denise and I are both thrilled!   

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