Friday, June 24, 2011

A Worthy Walrus -inpsiration

I'm slightly obsessed with the Albert Khan Archives.  I'd heard about it, but was pretty much in the dark until last year when PBS ran  the BBC documentary The Wonderful World of Albert Khan.  You can actually see part of it here:  I imediately purchased the companion book and it's been a source of inspiration ever since. 

For instance, my walrus here started with a conversation with my agent.  For some reason we were talking about walruses... serious, important publishing stuff, ya know... which got me thinking how I'd never actually drawn a walrus before and it would probably be a fun thing to do.  So I started sketching.  At first all the little guys were very realistic and how should I say.. boring.  But as I sketched the character of the animals started to come out.. and then I remembered the Khan images of the Maharajah of Kapurthala, who as it turns out, looked exactly like a walrus.  See scan below:

So I combined the two ideas and now I have a most worthy walrus, and a summer promo.

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